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In 1998 I have imported my foundation bitch Beris Bilé Karpaty (Glenaholm Bravura x Bwana Satanela) from the Czech Republic and in 2000 I have registered my Kennel prefix “Thuraia” in VDH/FCI
The first Thuraia-litter was born in 2001 and I kept one female from this litter, Thuraia Alika Jamila (sire: Witches LeCreme’s Trick), for my further breeding.
For Alika’s second litter we had chosen the Australian studdog Skiska Solitaire Jest, so we made a insemination with frozen semen in 2006. Unfortunately insemination with frozen semen was not so usual in Germany at this time (we made the second insemination with Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Germany) so the Vet doesn’t have much experience. We only had one puppy but it was luckily a perfect female, so we kept Thuraia Down Under Girl Trinity for our breeding.
One year later, in March 2008, Tusani Big Ben, a 2½ years old stud dog came in our pack and from the litter with Ben and Trinity we kept a male puppy – Thuraia G’Dagga by Ben aka Spencer.
In her last litter Trinity didn’t give us a female puppy for breeding further, so we decided to take a puppy from Kianga Kennel in Switzerland, who are breeding with our progeny female Thuraia Etana Kianga. In 2014 Kianga Brilliant Ginny for Thuraia came to us.
At the moment I have 3 Rhodesian Ridgebacks at home – Trinity (11 years), Spencer (6 years) and Ginny (3 years).
In the year 2003 I began with my active work in our German Club ELSA. In this time I was studbook guide, head of the breeding committee and from 2007 to 2017 I was first Chairman of the Club.
Among other things I am breeding controller (we have to check all litters in the 8
th week, before the puppies get their Pedigrees) and I am working in the breeding committee.
I am judging at our breeding approval tests (with temperament test) and if I am not judging at the examination I am member of the breeding approval committee.
Already in my youth I was very interested in pedigrees – at that time it was the Arabian Horse. So of course I also wanted to know everything about the ancestors of my dogs.
From the beginning, I was busy intensively with the genealogy at the Rhodesian Ridgebacks and built my own database. In July 2002 the Rhodesian Ridgeback Pedigree Search ( was put online with about 22.000 entries. This database has grown enormously thanks to the breeders from all over the world and now whe have almost 110.000 Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the database.
In January 2012, I started my training as a special breed judge for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I have passed the examination in June 2013 and since 2016 I am also special breed judge for Dalmatians.
In the last 4 years I have judged numerous International-, National and Specialty Shows in Germany, Club Shows in Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic.
I am now looking forward to judge your wonderful Ridgebacks at the show in Pezinok.

Monika Pehr

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Rozh. psy+BOB: Sara Venturelli (IT) - kennel HARMAKHIS WISDOM
Rozh. suky: Heidi Parsons (GB) - kennel Priorpark
Miesto konania: Chorvátsky Grob - Hotel Agatka

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